Discover The Golden Anchor: Pie Rats Book 6

The internationally award-winning Pie Rats series follows the adventures of Whisker, the reluctant recruit on the good ship Apple Pie. There's action, adventure, humour and of course pies, pies, pies!

The books are designed to be read in order, starting with The Forgotten Map.

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Read all the Pie Rats Books? Looking for more zany adventures? Then look out for the spinoff series, Scallywags, in 2018.

The School of Scallywags (SOS) is a boarding school for potential pirates and budding buccaneers. After Hook Hand Horace loses his paw in a "cat-related incident", he is sent back to school to learn how to control his new hook hand. He is joined by his childhood friend, Benny Banana Peel (a Chimp-at-Sea), Mischief McScruff (a Sea Dog with a nose for trouble), and Felicity Foulweather (a Cat Fish who suffers from Foul Weather Syndrome, a curious condition that makes her extremely grumpy on rainy days).

With the school motto of Mischief, Mayhem and Mucking About, as well as a nasty crocodile named Chomper O' Many roaming the corridors, there is never a dull moment at the School of Scallywags!

This is what our trusted book reviewer, Hook Hand Horace, had to to say about the new series:

"Shiver me surprises! This new Scallywags series is the best thing since frozen pies came in a six-pack. Not only is it fantastically funny, but it is filled to pie crust with madness and mayhem. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of sauce and dig in! I score this book 6 out of 5* frozen pies." Hook Hand Horace.

* Editor's note: Yes we realise that 6 out of 5 is not a proper star rating. But as frozen pies don't come in a five-pack, we were forced to run with Horace's original score.

Expect the first few adventures in 2018.