Download a free pdf exerpt of The Forgotten Map

forgotten map exerpt

Download The Forgotten Map Teacher's Notes PDF. (or Word version.) Class sets can be purchased through the web shop

Download Pie Rats Creative Activities as one document (6.5MB) or select individual activities below.

Download Create a Pie Rat Ship.pdf activity

pie rat ship activity

Download Pie Rat Flag.pdf activity

pie rat flag

Download Pie Rat Crossword.pdf

pie rat crossword

Download Treasure Map.pdf activity

pie rat treasure map

Download Pie Rat Word Scramble.pdf

pie rat word scramble

Download Talk Like a Pirate.pdf

talk like a pirate

Download Newspaper Hat.pdf

pie rat hat

Download Pie Rats Wallpaper

pie rats

Download Pie Rats Widescreen Wallpaper

pie rats